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Migrating from Vend Ecommerce to Shopify

Hosted on: Hello Digital Learn

Migrating from Vend Ecommerce to Shopify

This course is a culmination of more than six months of work resulting in the world’s first and most comprehensive resource to help Vend retailers get online with Shopify.

In November 2018 I set out on a mission to create a single course that would help a retailer design a website, integrate it with their point of sale, understand marketing and SEO, and ultimately grow their business online. This was a huge challenge, one that, by design, would replace any need for a client to consult with me directly.

After speaking with my retail clients and understanding their needs I set out on creating a 100% on-demand online course that is simple enough for anyone to understand, yet detailed enough to provide benefit to the most proficient of power users.

The result of these efforts is an online course, based around a 10-day plan to help a retailer revolutionise their business. With more than 30 lessons, dozens of printable handouts, and hours of content, the course has helped retailers from all over the world take a big step on an exciting ecommerce journey.

I had a lot of fun filming, editing, and sharing this course with my clients.

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